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Another silly love song

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10/2/2014 by Hak'

(© Gaeko)

“Week #20″

New week, new posts! I already wrote most of the posts for this week – almost a post a day – but I thought another one introducing the week was needed. And we all know that next Friday is Valentine’s Day so the theme for this week will be lov… Hummm NO!… +++

On the stomach

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09/2/2014 by Hak'

(© Kanye Bro)

“The Breakfast Club – Week #23”

“The Breakfast Club” is FINALLY back and I have to admit, that folder on my computer is cramming with pictures I should be posting (as I never stop having breakfast whether or not the blog in on hiatus).… +++

We need a resolution

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04/2/2014 by Hak'

(© Aaliyah)

“A Photo A Day keeps the boredom away: January”

I have the attention span of a toddler and I can’t stick to hobbies for more than a week (except for my love of crisps, I’m pretty sure that one will last for… EVER).… +++

Come back for more

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03/2/2014 by Hak'

(© Nancy Whang)

“Week #19″

I’m slowly getting back into a comfortable posting rhythm but I will start with shorter posts; the usual 2 miles-long ones will come later on.

Noisy Monday: I was quite late to jump on the Classixx bandwagon but this is definitely my best musical discovery of 2013.… +++

We don’t care what people say

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02/2/2014 by Hak'

(© Kanye West)

“Brussels sprouts

Oh hello, I’m Habi, nice to meet y’all. Been real busy and all but for the newcomers and those who’ve decided to stick around: Happy New Year. It is never too late to celebrate when Chinese New Year started – like – three days ago?… +++

“Dino mi no hablo”

What the Dino?

20-something No(i)sy Brat.

From Paris with laugh.




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